1st Phase:



12 teams, each plays the others once - for a total of 11 games each, over 11 game weeks.

Scoring points:

3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss.

Table order:

1. points won; 2. games won; 3. total goal difference; 4. total goals scored; 5. points in the most recent head-to-head matches (if more than 2 teams are tied) or match (if 2 teams are tied); 6. lesser number of red cards received; 7. lesser number of yellow cards received; 8. draw.

Qualification for the Final Stages:

1-8 place: qualify for the Final Stages

Relegation from the league:

11-12 place: relegated to Gaucho 2

Promotion to the league:

2 teams from Gaucho 2

Final Stages:



8 teams from the 1st Phase contest the Gaucho 1 champion in a knockout format.


Teams are paired according to their 1st Phase standings:

1st vs 8th (match 1);

2nd vs 7th (match 2);

3rd vs 6th (match 3);

4th vs 5th (match 4).

Winners are decided over one leg, with penalties if score is level after regular time.

The teams with higher 1st Phase placing are hosts.


Teams are paired as follows:

winner match 1 vs winner match 4;

winner match 2 vs winner match 3.

Winners are decided over two legs.

The teams with better record from the 1st Phase and Quarter-finals combined host the second legs.


The two Semi-finals winners meet each other with the winner becoming Gaucho 1 champion.

Winner is decided over two legs.

The team with the better record from the 1st Phase, Quarter-finals and Semi-finals combined hosts the second leg.

Tie-breakers for the knockout matches over two legs:

1. aggregate score from the two legs, 2. away goals, 3. penalties.

Qualification for Serie D:

champion: qualifies for Serie D

* - if the champion is participating in Serie A, Serie B, Serie C or Serie D, the best placed team that isn't already assured participation in Serie a, Serie B, Serie C or Serie D qualifies instead.

Qualification for Copa do Brasil:

champion: Copa do Brasil

vice-champion: Copa do Brasil

3 place: Copa do Brasil